Jupiter reaches closest point to Earth in 59 years

Jupiter was located this Monday only 590 million kilometers from Earth, its closest approach in almost 59 years, so it could be observed without a telescope.

The largest planet in the solar system was located in opposition to the Sun, that is, the giant was also aligned with our star, but with it on the opposite side of our planet, something that happens every 13 months, reports RT.

At its furthest point, Jupiter is 965 million kilometers away. At its closest point on Monday, Jupiter became the second brightest object in the sky, after the Moon.

According to the research astrophysicist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Adam Kobelski, with good binoculars it was possible to observe at least the central band and three or four of the multiple moons (Galilean satellites) of Jupiter.

To spot the Great Red Spot and other bands, Kobelski recommends using a telescope of at least four inches and adding green-to-blue filters to capture more detail.

Astronomical calculations indicate that an opposition with Jupiter will occur again on November 3, 2023, this time in the constellation Aries. The giant will have the same magnitude, but its visible diameter will be smaller, since it will be somewhat further from our planet.

A major opposition as close as this Monday will not be repeated until 2129, 107 years from now, making the current event totally unique within a human lifetime.


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