Jurassic World Evolution details its next update

Jurassic World: Evolution continues to add new, little by little to keep the players hooked and the developers from Border developments I also made known vapor that the next update would arrive & # 39; & # 39;soon& # 39 ;, while detailing what it would bring.

The 1.5, its small name, will propose many great changes. It will be a matter of adding captain to dinosaurs, just to change their behavior somewhat, predictably when we played a lot of hours. Specifically, the creature with the highest prestige will automatically switch to the clan boss mode and the others will do everything like him. The other big change, which always involves these fascinating creatures, will be adding the chance for them to do some sleep from time to time. Too cute.

Beyond that, the developers will add a day / night cycle, which will then be grabbed a capricious title over time. Be careful, however, you will unlock for career mode by getting five stars on all the islands. It will also be necessary to count on new contracts and better equipped power supplies.

As mentioned at the beginning of this news, the release date of this patch is not yet known. Border developments however, he made it clear that a paid DLC would be the fastest in the game and that more information will be provided within the week.



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