Jürgen Kieser: “Fix and fax” comic striper is dead


Jürgen Kieser, creator of the cartoon characters Fix and Fax, is dead. He died on Monday at the age of 97 years, as a spokesman for the mosaic Steinchen für Steinchen Verlag said on Tuesday evening. From 1958 to 1991, the adventures of the mouse boys were published monthly in the comic magazine “Atze”. Fix and fax were thus the most durable DDR comic figures.

Kieser was born on August 20, 1921 in Berlin-Erkner, later moved to Neu Zittau in Brandenburg. During the Second World War, he was first an aviator, then a flight instructor at the Luftwaffe. His aviation enthusiasm was also reflected in his comics, which were still called “picture stories”.

After the war, Kieser worked as a commercial artist at the state-owned trade chain HO. At the end of the fifties, the GDR got two comic magazines: the “Mosaic” with the three heroes Dig, Dag and Digedag and the “Atze”. Their title character, a smart-cheeky Berlin pioneer, has developed Kieser.

At the end of 1957 Kieser offered the “Atze” editorial a story with the Fix and Fax mice. The readers were so enthusiastic that every month further adventures followed. Kieser not only drew, but also thought out the comic texts.

Retired after 350 episodes

“For 'Atze', whose main part was usually a more or less political picture story, the two mice were the undisputed driving force – and for many readers, the main reason to buy the magazine,” said Robert Löffler of the mosaic Steinchen for Steinchen Verlag once. Plans to remove the two mice from “Atze” because they were too apolitical, they have given up “temporarily for sale”.

After 350 episodes Kieser retired in February 1987 (with his successor, the drawn mice then got a different face).

Kieser's work includes numerous other cartoon characters. For the “Wochenpost” he created for example “Jürgen Naseweis”, “Lobo's funny pranks” and “Au Backe, Macke”, for the “Frösi” the reporter DROLL and “Stories about Olaf”, for the “Atze” also the monkey Bimbo and the hippo Quambo. Even Kieser caricatures for adults were found regularly in the GDR pages.

The publisher said that Kieser had been “one of the most popular East German cartoonists”. And further: “Jürgen Kieser leaves his family and his eternally young mice Fix and Fax.”


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