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The Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp said he would pay a fine, named by the English Football Association.

– This is absolutely normal, I could not escape the punishment. The last time I did it about 14 years ago. After another 14 years, I probably will not be so fast, so all is well. Make sure you pay a fine. We all make mistakes and try to learn from my mistakes. I think this rule is necessary. Otherwise, the coaches will be constantly on the pitch to celebrate the goals with the team, as well as the entire bench. It would be strange, – noted the expert.

Recall that the Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp was fined for celebrating a goal on the pitch during a game with Everton at eight thousand pounds.

The most crazy goal in the history of Liverpool derby. You have to see it!

Klopp was fined for celebrating a field goal of £ 8,000



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