Jürgen Klopp talks about the move to FC Bayern


After the triumph of the Jürgen Klopps Champions League with Liverpool FC, Franz Beckenbauer wants "nothing more" than a successful change of coach for Bayern. Now Klopp responds to the statements.

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With the Win the Champions League Coach Jürgen Klopp immortalized himself in Liverpool. The Reds want to extend the contract (applies to 2022) with the 51-year-old prematurely. However, Franz Beckenbauer would like to see the charismatic and successful FC Bayern Munich coach. "I do not want anything other than to come to Bavaria one day," the 73-year-old said the "Bild"

Klopp himself is at least flattered by these statements. "I like Franz – and he likes me, but I have a long-term contract in Liverpool", says the coach in an "image" interview.

Jürgen Klopp: Liverpool's coach is highly sought after – and looks ahead too. (Source: Omnisport)

"What is it in five years, I don't know"

When asked if a change to a record champion would also be impossible for him in the future, he says: "This means that, of course, I am happy when Franz says such a thing, I prefer much more than he can say and think However, both Bayern and Borussia Dortmund have excellent coaches, and what could be in five years or so, I don't know, maybe then there will be completely different coaches qualifying ".

The celebration of the exciting title at Sunday's Liverpool moves a lot of Klopp the next day. I was so emotionally overwhelmed, I'm just looking at these amazing images on TV again and saving them on my hard drive forever. "This event ended up under the skin".

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