Juric takes away the pressure: “We’ll see where we get, but pay attention to the judgments”

The coach on the objectives of this Torino: “The team is growing, but I would like it to grow normally”

The recent results of the Torino they brought the grenade team close to the Europe area, but there is still a gap of a few points to be bridged with the Roma-Lazio-Fiorentina group to get to the heart of the European race. This distance leads us to believe that every race is a test to understand if this team can aspire to that dimension. A concept that, however, is not shared by Ivan Juric, who, impacting, at the press conference, he replied angrily to those who asked him if the match against Sassuolo represents a test of maturity: “I don’t like the question, I don’t even answer. It always seems like Taurus has to do something. “

PRESSURE – The Croatian coach therefore wants to remove any kind of pressure from his team, trying not to put tension on his players, but perhaps not even himself, who, shortly after, clarified that decisive answer better. “La team grows and I would like him to do it normally. I wish they didn’t put too much pressure on certain things. ” The ranking situation is inviting, but Juric, at the moment, is mainly thinking about continuing the growth process that began last July.

AMBITION – However, this Toro remains an ambitious team, which does not set itself any objectives, other than to give 100% to every race. “Swe are all ambitious and we want to do our best. We will see where we will arrive “. So no promise to the grenade world, but a request, “be careful of the judgments”.

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