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After releasing the Bungie developer from Activision Blizzard, publisher stocks dropped dramatically. A law firm is now examining whether the company is guilty of fraud.

The separation of Bungie from Activision Blizzard was one of the biggest news of last week The financial world has felt the consequences of this decision,

The Pomerantz LLP law firm is checking if Activision Blizzard was guilty of fraudA concrete suspicion has not yet been expressed, however, the law firm invites all investors to come together in a collective action against the publisher. If it turns out that Activision Blizzard has negotiated in view of the next separation, the company would be liable to court proceedings,

It would not be the first time that a game developer has to undergo a process:

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Abstruse legal actions: these 9 developers have been sued for their games.

The impending cause, however, is not the only message that caused a sensation for Activision Blizzard. The company's new CFO, Dennis Durkin, received a $ 15 million bonus – and that although the company has long insisted on cost savingsAmong other things, Jason Schreier emphasized in his article on Kotaku that Blizzard employees from merging with Activision are increasingly encouraged to keep an eye on the financial aspects.


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