Just found out, it turns out that this dinosaur had a weapon similar to the Aztec war stick

Jakarta – Species finding dinosaur The latest one was identified by a team of researchers from the University of Chile, South America. Uniquely, this dinosaur has a strange club on its tail that is similar to the Aztec war stick.

It is Stegouros elengassen, an Ankylosaurus species. These ancient animals lived about 72 million to 75 million years ago in North America during the Late Cretaceous Period. Ankylosaurus is a genus belonging to a larger group (infraorder Ankylosauria) of four-legged herbivorous dinosaurs that proliferated during the Cretaceous Period about 145.5 million to 66 million years ago.

Ankylosaurus is known as armored dinosaur because of the evolution of the special tail weapons they possessed. Reported from Science NewsOn Thursday (12/2/2021), University of Chile paleontologist Sergio Soto-Acuña and his colleagues called the new species they identified similar to an Aztec war club called the macuahuitl. This was reported by Soto-Acuña in the journal Nature.

Macuahuitl is a weapon commonly used by the Aztecs. This weapon is known as a very powerful and frightening weapon of war. As is known, the Aztecs themselves are a tribe that lives in the territory of Mexico.

Soto-Acuña and other research teams identified this new species based on an almost complete skeleton. The skeleton was found in the arid Patagonian region of Chile. With slender limbs and a very short tail, Stegouros lengassen already looked very different from the other Ankylosaurs in many ways.

Stegouros elengassen has a tail with a flat surface and sharp blades along the sides. However, based on the team’s findings, the skull of this dinosaur suggests that it belonged to an early Ankylosaurus.

The Ankylosaurus group became the ‘heavy armored tank’ in the dinosaur world, their bodies and heads protected by solid bony plates. Different species also wield a variety of other anatomical weapons, from shin-crushing bat tails to pointed skulls.

Several species of Ankylosaurus have been excavated in the Southern Hemisphere. Group Stegouros lengassen is thought to be the most primitive species of the group.

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