Justice number two calls "busy" to the members of the CGPJ and believes that this has become "the judicial party"

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The Secretary of State for Justice, Tontxu Rodríguez, has described as “true squatters” the current members of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), a body that has been in office for five years, and which he believes has become “the judicial party.” In this sense, he believes that the content of his institutional declaration against the Amnesty Law that “does not yet exist” is “absurd and disproportionate.”

In this way, he referred to the institutional declaration, approved by nine conservative members of the Council compared to five progressives, which warns that the amnesty “represents the degradation, if not the abolition, of the rule of law in Spain.”

In an interview given to Radio Popular-Herri Irratia, collected by Europa Press, Rodríguez considered that the CGPJ “has become the ‘judicial party’.” After recalling that the current members of the Council had their mandate “expired” five years ago, he reproached them for “allowing themselves to criticize a law that does not yet exist, that they do not know about, because no one knows about it, least of all them.”

“And they insist on this campaign of belligerence. What they have to do out of professional and democratic decency is leave. They should resign and facilitate the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary,” he stated.

For this reason, he has appealed to their “institutional responsibility, which they say they have, and democratic responsibility, and to leave, because they no longer represent the Judiciary.” He has also regretted that “some association of judges has criticized the approval of an organic law by the Congress of Deputies, which they say is the end of democracy,” he indicated, in reference to the Professional Association of Magistrates (APM). ).

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