“Justified criticism of ‘washing your hands-in-innocence’ chatter of VVD veteran Henk Kamp” – De Daily Standaard

Former VVD minister and politician Henk Kamp (1952) was active for no less than 23 years around the Binnenhof in The Hague. According to journalist Wouter de Winther, Kamp was even ‘an important player’ on the plush from The Hague. Now VVD prominent Kamp comes to the conclusion: “Immigration has happened to us”.

Beautiful ‘kind of scoop’ hear from journalist Wouter de Winther who suddenly thought of interviewing the – now forgotten – former minister Henk Kamp (VVD). Of course there had to be a number of striking statements. So it happened.

De Winther pointed out to Kamp that at the end of the last century he had raised the alarm about the growing waiting list at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND), the endless stretching of asylum procedures and reception in his ‘own’ region.

When asked whether the then ‘critical’ Kamp really managed to achieve a success with this, the VVD member reluctantly admits:

“No. And I also feel partly responsible for that. I have been a member of the cabinet for over eleven and a half years. As one of the few people in the Netherlands I was in a place where you can really influence that. I don’t think it turned out to be what I would like to see myself. ”

First of all, respect to Kamp that he at least dares to admit that the Dutch policy on asylum procedures hardly works and that he, despite his efforts, apparently had no influence whatsoever on this. On the other hand: ‘Are they not the wrong little puppets who, then, but also now, are at the helm to create some movement – in a changeable sense?’

However, Thierry Baudet has already drawn his conclusion:

“Justified criticism of ‘hand-washing-in-innocence’ talk by VVD veteran. The parties that have ruled the Netherlands in recent decades are also responsible for the policy they have pursued. ”

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