Justin Jackson jailed for silencing gasoline cops in shocking attacks


A man was jailed after he was captured in a movie that was soaking the petrol cops in a shocking attack at the start of this year, which left the officers fearing that they would be burned alive.

The video shows Justin Jackson running into a scene of an arrest in Basildon, Essex, on May 5, where he used a watering can filled with gasoline to attack numerous officers, spraying them with the accelerator.

The agents were trying to arrest a young man when they had been sprinkled with gasoline, saying that the substance burned their eyes, with a little fear that they would be burned alive "like Roman candles".

Jackson, 28, admitted to court eight counts of administering a harmful substance with the intention of injuring, harassing or aggravating, according to Southend Standard.

He was imprisoned for three years and nine months for the attack on Basildon Crown Court on Thursday.

He had previously denied seven other charges of attempts to cause serious physical damage. At the hearing on September 23, prosecutors withdrew previous allegations.

"At the time of the accident I remember thinking that we could all go up in flames like Roman candles," Superintendent Jonathan Baldwin told the court in an emotional impact statement on the victim, according to Southend Echo of Basildon County.

"When it happened, I remember that I couldn't let go of a suspect so I could withdraw from the threat, I had to hope no one would smoke in the vicinity."

Superintendent Baldwin said he continued to suffer flashbacks after the attack, haunting him when he filled the car after the event.

"Watching the movie more recently has almost immediately made me cry," he said.

Jackson's mother, Jannie, was also involved in the accident, rushing to the police with a hammer during the attack. She was accused of possessing an offensive weapon and a suspended sentence of 18 months. She was also ordered to complete 200 hours of community service.

In a letter to the court, Jackson said he was "deeply sorry" about his attack on the police, and said he was "just trying to spread the situation".

"My mother has a heart disease and I was worried about her safety," he wrote.
"I am deeply sorry, this should never have happened."



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