Juta Valdmane about her ex-husband: ‘He didn’t want to divorce’

Influencer Juta Jemeļjanova (still in the social media environment Valdmane) is currently going to New York with her beloved husband Juris Kupra, but before that the beauty managed to tell the TV talk show “When they meet” both about getting to know Juri and that her ex-husband didn’t want to. to divorce – the initiator of the divorce was herself.

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The marriage of fitness beauty Gints Valdmanis to Utah lasted for nine years, and the announcement of the divorce of the beautiful couple in the circle of influenza came like lightning from the clear sky. Until now, it has been said publicly that Valdmaņi has agreed on a divorce, but now it turns out that this was not the case – Gints initially did not want to go to the path of his life.

On the STV show “When They Meet,” the young lady says, “You look at the man and realize that there is no more love. You can’t even revive it there,” Utah recalls. Divorce was not a mutual desire at first – it was she who initiated it.

“He didn’t want to divorce. It was such a difficult time for him. But I think I did a very good job. He now has a child and a wife. He got over very quickly and I have a great relationship too,” explains Utah, who took back Jemeļjanova’s daughter’s surname, but for technical reasons, for example, the instagram surname cannot be changed.

The ex-husband was brought together by his current friend, a New York Latvian, Yuri. The two followed each other on instagram for several years and even exchanged letters, but for the first time they only called after the divorce. In addition, it was Juris who asked Juta a question that made her rethink her relationship and values. He asked, so simple and at the same time, “Did you feel happy?” She could not answer then.

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Speaking about his new lover, Utah says that he is the kind of man he wanted to see next to him. “I had a click for the first time in my life. It’s so weird because I was married before, but in the past it was a gradual one. When I first called and saw her, I had a click. I thought it was is my own man, “Utah remembers both acquaintances.

Asked how this relationship differs from Utah’s marriage, she says that she has experienced a tumultuous and passionate life with Ginta. “We heated each other up. To bad things too. The thing with Yuri is that if I get angry, he can cool me down. He can find the right approach.” The real challenge for a couple’s love is the distance that separates the two, and Uta would not recommend such a relationship to anyone, because it is very difficult to be away from a loved one emotionally.

As you know, Gints Valdmanis married his fitness colleague Catherine this summer, both of them are raising their daughter Milan.

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