Juve, avoid the mistake of last season: clear words and objectives, the fans are tired

A feeling of helplessness, clearly dictated by the results. But an even more emptiness if we consider the weapons at Allegri’s disposal. It will be a very difficult season for Juve. And it started very badly. The good news, perhaps the only one, is that you can only get better from here. With Milan we are already at the crossroads, making a mistake could open particular scenarios and inevitable reflections. No, not related to the manager’s future.

TIREDNESS – Here, let’s clarify immediately. Social madness will remain social madness, Juve just has to focus on getting back on the saddle, unlocking a season today padlocked by a thousand situations. However, there is an error that last season he should have included in the list of teachings. That is: do not feed illusions. If the communication, while it was possible, recited the desire to win the Scudetto even in the face of performances that are very difficult to comment on, Juve this year must compact and remove the obligation to look at the moon, forgetting the finger. What does it mean? It is one thing to plan a fourth-place season, it is another thing to live with the pressure of already minus eight.

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