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“This is the heaviest and most serious investigation that Juventus has undergone in its history, perhaps even higher than that of Calciopoli, because the cases of both crime and violation of stock exchange, corporate and sporting rules cover a range of unlawful behavior (we are obviously speculating) that has no precedent. This was stated by the lawyer Mattia Grassani, an expert in sports law, on Radio Anch’io lo sport on RadioRai, arguing that “Juventus risk more than a fine or penalty. What is emerging, according to the law, can lead to exclusion from the championship and relegation.”

On timing, Grassan stated that “since sports justice has burning times and the need for sanctions to be afflictive, unlike criminal, civil and stock market justice, should there be a referral, the proceeding will certainly be concluded by the 2022 season /23, therefore the sanctions will then be immediately discounted”, he concludes.

“The board’s resignations en bloc – he added – are so reminiscent of the choice made by the Juventus board in 2006, when Moggi, Giraudo and Bettega, at the opening of the proceeding, resigned from their respective positions. Definitely a positive sign, in a very worrying picture, they can bring it: that is, Juventus has clearly cut with the past. Of course this is not enough either to significantly reduce the extent and seriousness of the facts – if ascertained – or to arrive at much milder sanctions”.

On the parallelism with Calciopoli, Grassani underlined that “it is one thing to approach a referee, a designator, the president of The Hague, a very serious thing, however, it is another thing to drug the club’s accounts. This violates competitive parity with the other clubs, the regularity of the championship is altered, even what is played on the field”.

The president of the Serie A football league, Lorenzo Casini, did not comment on the story: “we are waiting for the investigations, he said, denying that it is a new Calciopoli: “There is no such fear, but we have to see what happens. In reality, once the investigations are closed, we should understand what happened. It’s hard to comment now.”

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