Juve-Napoli, TOP and FLOP at 45 ‘: Chiesa is the best player of this team and has shown it once again

of alle


Clearly. Fearless. With the race and the ambition. And finally the right presumption, that of being stronger. Juve is ahead at forty-fifth: Cristiano Ronaldo scored again on yet another and masterful action by Federico Chiesa. And it is precisely the twenty-two, the best in the field: for dribbling, for the supports, for the throughers and above all for the application that he knows how to give to his teammates. That they unload on him and talk to him, to launch the other phase with the engine at a thousand.

Well everyone, anyway. All right from the first to the forty-fifth minute. The midfield is doing well – and here is the news – and Chiellini-De Ligt to concretely dictate the law. Napoli has no oxygen and therefore there is no way to ignite. Now Pirlo’s men will have to hold up and close it without regrets.

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