Juve, Pogba unleashes the domino effect on the market: from Saul to Veretout, passing through Fabian Ruiz, who proposed to the bianconeri

Market intermediaries at work. In the inbox of the Juventusin the aftermath of the injury of Pogba, various messages from market professionals who proposed their clients to Juventus.

As he tells calciomercato.com, at the moment we are working on the exits. The knot has to be solved Arthur and there is Rabiot waiting for the right offer, despite being strong in Massimiliano’s esteem Allegri. At the entrance, however, the name of Leandro remains strong Paredes, but it is not the only profile that gravitates around the Juventus universe. For example, he has returned to propose Saul of Atletico Madrid, leaving the Spanish club. Always from Spain, the suggestion returns Pjanica candidacy put forward by his agent Fali Ramadan. From Rome, on the other hand, Jordan comes out Veretout and then again: “Intermediaries have again opened the dialogues also for the profile of Fabian Ruizon which hangs a question mark so big one year after the contract expires. Names between names, increasing every hour. Because while Juve is waiting for Pogba before changing the transfer agenda, it is the transfer market that has been knocking on Juve’s door since he got hurt.”.

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