Juve, Sarri exonerated. And Paratici? Today 8 August 2020

The sad victory with Lyon was not enough, the coach dropped out after just one season on the Juventus bench and despite winning the Scudetto. The sports director has not resigned but we need to understand how profound the August Juventus revolution is

From our correspondent Luca Bianchin

Maurizio Sarri was sacked, now the official status has also arrived. Andrea Agnelli made his final decision sooner than expected. The signs of the last few months are probably too strong, with a team far from the plans of his coach and the results almost never in line with expectations, net of the championship – important, fundamental – won two days early. The elimination from the Champions League, a great goal of this Juventus era, put an end to a path – the decline in confidence in Sarri – which began during the season. Thus ends the strange experience of MS in a world that was never really hers, after months of tension, criticism, complicated relationships with important men in the locker room.


The questions now obviously concern the future. In the event that there is really going towards a change, Simone Inzaghi would be the first name on the list, the most likely solution. The alternative is Pochettino, free from the contract with Tottenham. This second hypothesis gains consensus in the last hours. Of course, there are questions to be resolved in both cases. For Inzaghi, we would have to find an agreement with Lotito and Lazio to free the coach and allow him to break the current contract. For Pochettino, the question is the economic request: the Argentine is asking for a 10-12 million contract. Compared to Inzaghi he has an advantage – the Champions final achieved and international experience in general – and a disadvantage: the only indirect knowledge of Italian football. Zinedine Zidane, moreover linked to Real Madrid, must be taken into consideration for the great esteem of Juve towards him and for the great results: if you are chasing the Champions League, who better than those who have already won it three times? Probably in the head of Andrea Agnelli it would be the first choice, but we need to understand how complex the operation is. And there is no need to lose sight of the Max Allegri hypothesis, who led Juve twice to the Champions League final and to five league titles. And finally, Andrea Pirlo also nurtures some chances, hired a few days ago as an Under 23 coach.


Meanwhile, fans on the internet have quite clear ideas on the subject. In the Gazzetta.it poll – it is reasonable to think that it was clicked by many Juventus players – two thirds had voted for the exemption. Only 30-33% had expressed themselves for confirmation in a survey that did not include Pochettino. In another vote, plebiscite for Zidane as the ideal successor: 60% of the votes, much more than Allegri, nostalgic second, and Simone Inzaghi.


In the last few hours rumors have also been running around on the possible breakdown of the relationship with Fabio Paratici, head of the Juventus sports area. A manager who chose Sarri a year ago and is highly respected by Rome, now at the beginning of a new era with Friedkin. Paratici and Roma most likely had (at least) a contact but now it is important to understand what will happen to Juventus. In this regard, the words of Andrea Agnelli last night on Sky come to mind: “A few days ago I congratulated Nedved, Paratici and Cherubini for how they managed a year like this, we cannot misunderstand the words I said a few day ago. I reiterate my compliments and esteem for the management team, a management team that is extremely close-knit and which together will continue to pursue objectives that at this moment must be pursued by Juventus “. Paratici has not resigned in the wake of Sarri’s exemption but now we need to understand, from the transfer market to the management structure, how profound this August revolution is at Juventus.


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