Juve, the next goal is to get back the midfield for the Italian Cup: from Mckennie to Locatelli, all about returns

After gaining access to the final of the Italian Cup, now Juve is determined to bring home the only and last trophy left available this season. However, it will not be easy at all to succeed, given that the opponents to beat are the Italian Champions in charge of theInter, who came out victorious from the double confrontation with Milan, thanks to which they managed to land at the match in Rome scheduled for 11 May. But how does Max Allegri’s Juve get there at the big match at the Olimpico? The strong doubts in fact all reside in midfieldstill devoid of the key men and which would serve as bread for Allegri’s cause.

THE CONDITIONS – The conditions of the duo are undoubtedly the most worrying Locatelli-Mckennie that could make their return to the field on the same day. The Azzurro had remedied an injury in the championship match against Inter, as a result of which he will be forced to stay out for at least another two weeks. On the other hand, the situation of the American is different, who at first seemed to have finished his season well in advance but who, over the weeks, managed to halve his recovery times. Their return is scheduled for early May with the away match in Genoa which has already been targetedbut an early return cannot be ruled out. ARTHUR JOINS THE GROUP – On the other hand, the health condition of the Brazilian Arthur has improved, who has returned to train fully with his teammates. The former Barca could also be included in the squad list for the May 1st match, when the Bianconeri play against Venezia at home.

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