Juventus is a mess


Juventus assessed a character crisis and do not have a decisive player at this time. Bianconeri called chaotic and poor ideas.

Juventus stumbled in the first five weeks A league this season. Team made Massimiliano Allegri it has only won once, drew twice, and lost twice.

The first victory was picked over Spezia, Wednesday (22/9/2021) early morning WIB yesterday with great difficulty. Juventus had trailed 1-2 and then won 3-2 thanks to Federico Chiesa and Matthijs de Ligt.

Former Italy national team striker Antonio Cassano said Juventus right now like a confused team. At the same time, there are no more players who can bring sudden goals like Cristiano Ronaldo or Gonzalo Higuain.

“Juventus played a bad game. Spezia urges Juventus, if they can make it 3-1, it will end the game and they are a team whose value is 50 times lower than Allegri’s men,” Cassano told reporters. BoboTV quoted Football Italia.

“They (Juventus) scored because of two or three players that Allegri didn’t see, but kept struggling. He gave off an impression of confusion. I don’t understand Juve’s game, it’s worrying.”

“They won, but it will be difficult to finish in the top four if they continue like this. They are the most complete team and are now 10 points behind (from the top). They played badly, passively, very tired even though they were always waiting.”

“There were no ideas, they lacked character. Before there were champions who won by one game: Ronaldo scored 100 goals in three seasons, Higuain scored a lot of goals, Dybala did cool things. Now they are a confused, chaotic and confused team. lucky to win over Spezia,” added the former AS Roma and Real Madrid player.

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