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Original title: Juventus Prospect: Bianconeri regain confidence, Dybala proves the war?

At 3:45 a.m. on January 16, Beijing time, a focus battle in the 22nd round of the 2021-2022 Serie A season began. Serie A giants Juventus played against Udinese at home.

Fighting history:

The two teams have faced each other 103 times in history, of which Juventus won 68 games, Udinese won 13 games, and the remaining 22 games were a draw. In these 103 games, Juventus scored 213 goals and conceded 82 goals. The last time the two sides met was in the first round of Serie A in August last year, when Juventus drew 2-2 away from Udinese.

Game highlights:

Highlight 1: Juventus regains confidence

In the last round of Serie A, Juventus reversed Roma to win away, but in the just-concluded Italian Super Cup final, Juventus lost the ball at the end of the game, and finally lost 1-2 to Inter Milan and missed the championship. A big setback for Juventus’ confidence. This round of home game against the underdog Udinese is also a good opportunity for Juventus to regain confidence. According to statistics, Juventus have won all of their past five home Serie A matches against Udinese, and they have scored at least two goals per game in five games.

Aspect 2: Dybala proves himself

Dybala is currently the core player in Juventus, but his contract extension with Juventus cannot be reached because of the annual salary. Many media and fans believe that Dybala’s current state is difficult to get a high salary. Tachinati said in an interview: “It is understandable that players want to maximize their interests, but if they match the annual salary requested, Dybala still needs to improve his ability level by two grades. I watched Juventus and Inter Milan on the spot. , Juventus’ attack in the frontcourt is inactive, and Dybala is slow.” Not only that, but there has been more news about Dybala’s departure from the team recently. The game against Udinese was also a great opportunity for Dybala to prove himself. In the last five games against Udinese, Dybala has scored in three of them, and in 16 games against Udinese, Dybala has scored 9 goals.

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Aspect 3: Locatelli hits the record

Locatelli, the new signing of Juventus this season, has become a core rotation member of the team. After the start of this season, he has scored 3 goals in Serie A, and in the history of his Serie A performance, he scored the most goals in a single season. With only 4 goals, once he scores in this round, Locatelli will tie his record for scoring in Serie A in a single season.

Pre-match remarks:

Allegri: Tomorrow we will meet a team with good defense and strong physical fitness, so we need to show a lot of patience in the game, and we must also play well at the technical and tactical level. Fight to win and turn things around that can’t beat smaller teams. There will definitely be changes to the lineup, our players are all in good shape, except for Danilo and Bonucci who still have some injury problems, they will miss this game due to injury, but they will return after the international break. Is Dybala the future of the team? It’s the club’s job to evaluate renewals, not my concern. I almost grew up with Dybala, he was a kid when he first came under my watch, and now he’s grown up. I have high expectations for him in the second half of the season, his quality is unquestionable, very good. Chiellini? I thought it would take another 10 days or so for him to come back, but he came back early. He still has some fitness issues this morning, so Rugani and De Ligt will start.

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Injury information:

Juventus: Danilo, Chiesa

Udinese: Pereira, Becon, Gaghalo, Nestorowski

Predicted starter:

Juventus (442): Szczesny/Cuadrado, De Ligt, Rugani, Pellegrini/Bernardeschi, Locatelli, Arthur, McKennie/ Morata, Dybala

Udinese (3421): Silvestri/Perez, Newting, Ziglar/Molina, Wallace, Mackengo, Udogui/Deulofeu, Pouseto /betoReturn to Sohu, see more


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