The main references of Together for Change They met again this Monday in a new virtual meeting, which has been repeated week after week. In a shorter meeting than the previous ones, they focused on the upcoming legislative agenda, ratified a closed defense to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and they set their sights on the role of the Supreme Court, which accumulates more and more cases of institutional and political importance to solve. “Do something”, was the summary of one of those present regarding the mood on the supreme judges.

In the Zoom, the JxC leaders analyzed the different scenarios that lie ahead for the Supreme Court, which has to define the situation of three judges to whom the ruling party revoked their transfers and he also already has in his possession the presentation of Rodríguez Larreta for the co-participation funds that Alberto Fernandez decided to remove him. In the opposition are the skeptics who believe that the judges of the highest court “are not going to dare to put a brake on Cristina Kirchner” and others who are more optimistic and consider that “there is a majority that knows what is at stake.” “How much can you defend them if later they don’t fail in a manner consistent with their own agreed?”, analyzes one of those present in relation to the position that JxC has been taking regarding the Kirchnerist intention to expand the members of the court.

Germán Castelli, one of the judges displaced by the Senate: “They are not going to take me out of prepo”

It is not a new topic in the virtual meetings of Together for Change. Since the pandemic began and the Court extended the extraordinary fair every time the Government extended the quarantine, criticism was repeated for the inactivity of the Judicial Power. Miguel Pichetto, for example, is one of those who most insisted on the logic of an “absent” Supreme Court.

Now, with the Tribunal at the center of the scene, criticism is mounting. At the meeting on Monday they had agreed not to let it be known that they were alert to the steps taken by the Court. Above all because they wanted to avoid giving the image that they were pressuring the judges. However, among the twelve who were present that debate ended up leaking, a situation that is repeated often. They seek to agree on what they are going to report on each meeting, but it always ends up happening that someone talks too much or first with some data that ends up breaking that agreement.

Controversy over Kicillof’s “revenge” against Tandil for the coronavirus

On this occasion, the “official agenda” was linked to parliamentary issues: the project that establishes an extraordinary tax on large fortunes, the 2021 Budget and the modification of the co-participation to the detriment of the City of Buenos Aires were the main axes of the debate . However, A large part of the issues were addressed from the fight that broke out between the national government and the Buenos Aires government, as a result of the distribution of funds for the City Police but also due to the tension regarding the return of face-to-face classes.

On this last point, the referents of the main opposition space defined that the interblock of deputies would be in charge of issuing a statement to support the Larretista administration. Under the title “We need to recover the spaces for educational meetings”, they appealed to the “coherence of the national authorities” and the “reflection of the union sectors”.

Back to school: controversy between Nation and City over outdoor classrooms

However, the greatest point of tension continues to be on the issue of funds, which a few hours later would begin to be debated in the Senate, with the project sent by the Executive Power to change the way in which resources are allocated for the City. The objective is to return to the 1.4% that the Buenos Aires administration received until 2015 and that the funds for the police arise from an amount that is updated year by year by a coefficient. That amount, according to the City, is half of what is spent today on the force.

Mauricio Macri, Rodríguez Larreta, Patricia Bullrich, Cristian Ritondo, Humberto Schiavonni, Alfredo Cornejo, Mario Negri, Luis Naidenoff, Martín Lousteau, Maximiliano Ferraro, Juan López and Pichetto participated in the meeting.


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