JxCat calls for "maximum dignity" in the transfer of prisoners to Madrid because they are "representatives of the people" – News


On the doorstep of the transfer of prisoners to Madrid and the beginning of the 1-O trial, JxCat asked that on Monday the trip to the state capital be done "with the highest dignity" possible, as long as they are "people who represent the people of Catalonia ". While the ARA is advanced, they will be in Madrid on 29 January.

JxCat spokesperson, Albert Batet, said in the statements gathered by ACN at the gates of Lledoners prison, that the independence leaders are "heroes who go to Madrid to defend the Catalan cause". Batet, along with 13 deputies more than JxCat, met for more than two hours in the Lledoners prison with Sánchez, Rull, Turull and Forn to agree on what the main parliamentary line should be during the trial.

At the exit, Batet insisted that the only possible sentence is the acquittal and denounced that it is a "causal" and "false accusation" process. In fact, he claimed that no "crime" was committed and that, in the process, they will defend "the dignity of Catalonia".

He also claimed that the elected prisoners can go to Parliament on January 22nd, summoned to the commission of inquiry of 155. There, the sovereign groups intend to explain the consequences of the suspension of autonomy that led to their cessation and the request of new elections.


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