K-Pop Fans flooding racist Hashtags with Videos

Praise from Anonymous

In order for the US protests against racist police going violence heavily, spamming K-Pop followers just Hashtags like #white live matter with images, and Videos of your favorite stars fully.

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The Image of K-Pop Stars is usually cared for meticulously. That they Express themselves politically, is, among other things, out of fear of against the wind, therefore, extremely rare. In the face of U.S. protests after the murder of George Floyd, some still strong for the “Black Lives Matter”movement now. For example, the international probably the most successful Boyband from South Korea: BTS.

Photo: Twitter/BTS_twt

On their official Twitter Account writing: “We are against racial discrimination. We condemn violence. You, I and we all have the right to be respected. We will stick together.”


The South Korean singer Hwasa (24) of the girl band Mamamoo dances of the K-Pop series by wearing no bra or your curves on Display. You made the Blackout Tuesday and wrote on Instagram, under the black tile: “Yes, we are one and the same.”


  • Extreme right-wing movements have brought Hashtags like #white live matter in circulation.
  • K-Pop Fans have this flooded with images and performances of their favorite groups to oust racist content.
  • For this you receive praise, even from the hacker collective Anonymous.
  • At the beginning of week the Fans have made with K-Pop Videos, a police App to crash.

K-Pop Fans to enjoy on Twitter exactly have the best reputation. So are you known for any comment columns with images, and Videos of your favorite to fill in groups. This is precisely the well-organized fishing make bases but now Supporters of the US-protests popular.

With their Spam technique enabled them to neutralize the Hashtags that are currently being used in right-wing circles. For those who come to now, for example, under #white live matter or #whiteout Wednesday racist content, will encounter, instead, a torrent of Memes and live of various K-Pop performances-groups.

Particularly active are the Fans of the groups BTS, Exo, black, pink, Got7, NCT, Twice, and Red Velvet are. This Meme about BTS rappers RM holds up a brain: “Use it, brother,” it is written.

“Hello racist idiots,” tweeted this Person and post a live performance of the boy band Exo and their big Hit “Loveshot”.

Especially popular Spam Videos are in allusion to the “White” in the Hashtags appearances in white Outfits. Here, BTS-a singer Jimin dancing to an Instrumental Version of your song “I Need You”.

Further, Performance in White black pink perform her Song “Don’t Know What to Do”. In the Tweet: “It is a brave racist of you to think that this Hashtag is not covered by K-Pop Stans.”

The Fans will be praised by Anonymous

To be successful in your Spam-action the K-Pop Stans of other users on Twitter get neat praise. Even the hacker collective Anonymous has chimed in and tweeted: “respect for the K-Pop Stans”. In a further Tweet, a User writes: “I like K-Pop or the Fans of it, not really, but to see how you destroy the Hashtag #white live matter, is exaggerated funny.”

So according to this Tweet racist if you finding the K-Pop Content under your Hashtag.

Before you have a police App to crash

The Flood of Hashtags is not the first action of the K-Pop followers, the “Black Lives Matter”in support of movement. So they brought this week about a police-App Overload. Last weekend called the Dallas police in the US state of Texas people on Twitter about an App anonymously Videos of illegal activities in protests to be sent.

The Fandoms mobilized and flooded the App with K-Pop live performances. The action did have an effect. A day later, the police announced in a Tweet that the App will be due to technical difficulties temporarily not available.

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