Kabul Airport Bomber Must Be Bring to Court

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

United Nations Security Council (PBB) urges the international community to bring in the perpetrators Kabuli airport bombing, Afghanistan, to court.

“Security Council members underlined the need to hold the perpetrators, organizers, funders and sponsors of this despicable act of terrorism accountable and bring them to justice,” the UN Security Council said in a joint statement released Friday. AFP.

The 15-member council urges all countries to cooperate actively with all relevant authorities in this regard. This is in accordance with their obligations under international law and relevant Security Council resolutions.

The victims of the suicide bombing at Kabul airport so far have recorded 90 people killed and 150 injured.

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health confirmed the figure directly to CNN. However, there was no further elaboration of that figure including US military personnel or not.

The bombing near Kabul airport occurred on Thursday (26/8). There were a total of two explosions, starting with a suicide bombing at Abbey Gate, one of the main gates to the airport which has been hosting Afghan refugees.

Many people died in this bombing because the incident occurred when the airport was crowded with people who wanted to leave Afghanistan after the country was controlled by the Taliban.

Residents are increasingly under pressure because there are only five days left for evacuation until August 31. Meanwhile, the Taliban has warned foreign troops not to extend the evacuation time.

ISIS claims the deadly bomb attack at Kabul airport was carried out by it.

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Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has ordered US military commanders to develop an operational plan to attack ISIS-K assets, leadership and facilities.

ISIS-K Biden is referring to is ISIS-Khorasan, an ISIS affiliate in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Khorasan itself is part of Afghanistan.

He said America would not be intimidated by the bomb attack at Kabul airport.


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