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According to “Kavkaz. According to the information published by Realii, the plot with this statement by R. Kadyrov was shown on September 22. In the evening news program broadcast on the Grozny channel of Chechnya’s state television.

According to R. Kadyrov, during the entire period of the war in Ukraine, 20 thousand people participated in military operations. of Chechens, so Chechnya has already “exceeded the presented plan by as much as 254 percent.” R. Kadyrov did not specify what this plan is.

The leader of the Republic also talked about the anti-war rally, which was held on September 21. tried to organize the women of Grozny.

R. Kadyrov claims that the relatives of approximately 40 women who took part in the rally have already been mobilized and sent to Ukraine. He also threatened that those who join the rally or their husbands and all children will be sent to the front line.

R. Kadyrov made a very sharp comment on the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine, which took place on September 21. He was very unhappy, reports UNIAN.

R. Kadyrov expressed his opinion on the Telegram channel. According to him, when making combat or tactical decisions, the Russian leadership consulted with “active participants of the special operation”, and this time they ignored them.

“I think that criminals recognized as terrorists cannot be exchanged for military personnel. I would understand if there was an equal exchange – soldier for soldier, agent for agent. We have many prisoners of the armed forces, of which at least a hundred to one will change, it will still be there,” the Chechen leader said, referring to the fact that Russia returned the defenders of Azovstal to Ukraine.

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R. Kadyrov was very indignant that the exchange took place on “Ukraine’s terms”. “Our fighters crushed the fascists in Mariupol, drove them to Azovstal, where they were killed, wounded and chained. The mere handover of these Azov terrorists should have been unacceptable. Therefore, it is not surprising that the fighters who liberated Mariupol and are now on the front line come to their own conclusion – not to take the fascists into captivity,” warned R. Kadyrov.

Russia denies calling for 1 million reservists

The Kremlin denies the report that 1 million will be called. reservists in order to reinforce the waning military progress in Ukrainea day after the partial mobilization order sparked fear and protests across Russia,

President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced in a televised speech on Wednesday that he had signed an order to mobilize 300,000 reservists.

The newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”, whose publication is banned in Russia, reported that V. Putin gave permission to the Russian Ministry of Defense to mobilize up to 1 million. reservists. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called that a lie in comments Thursday cited by Russian news agencies.

There are reservists in almost every Russian family, and news of the mobilization has stirred public unrest and raised questions about whether Moscow now considers itself a party to a real war with Ukraine.

Peskov said the government still considers the conflict a “special military operation” – a phrase used to describe the fierce assault on the neighboring country over the past seven months.

Drafts will be issued mainly to men who have recently completed military service. D. Peskov said that the Ministry of Defense itself decides the age up to which soldiers should be conscripted into the army.

D. Peskov also denied and called exaggerated reports about the mass flight of men fit for military service to Turkey and other countries.

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Turkish carriers reported a sharp rise in demand for one-way tickets in the hours after Putin’s announcement, while Finland recorded increased traffic at the Russian border.

Anti-war protests erupted in 38 Russian cities, and some draftees were arrested at rallies Wednesday night, civil rights group OVD-Info reported.

An independent monitoring organization said more than 1,300 protesters were detained and some were ordered to report to military commissariats for checks.

Some 530 protesters were reportedly arrested in Moscow and 480 in St. Petersburg. OVD-Info said police injured several of them. In Moscow, one young man suffered a concussion and one young woman lost consciousness, the organization said. It is also said that nine journalists have been detained.

Authorities did not comment on the protests.

Detainees are usually fined or further detained after a night in police custody. Some face criminal charges. In the first weeks after February 24, 15,000 people were arrested during the protests. people. Since then, Russia has made punishments for opposing the war even tougher.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Russians to take action against the mobilization in a video address Thursday evening.

“Protest! Fight! Run! Or become Ukrainian prisoners of war! These are your chances of survival,” V. Zelenskis said.

He said that 55,000 people have already died in Ukraine. Russian soldiers, and also addressed the mothers and wives of Russian men called up to serve.

“Do not doubt – the children of the leaders of your country will not participate in the war against Ukraine. Those who make decisions in your country protect their children. And no one even buries your children,” he said.

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