Kagawa already looks to January to find equipment

It has been more than a month and a half since Shinji Kagawa’s dismissal and his departure became official on October 2 and The Japanese midfielder is still in Zaragoza, at his home in the Casablanca area, and has not decided on any of the offers he has had on the table, neither from Spain nor from abroad, so Everything indicates that this stay in the Aragonese capital will last until January, when the Japanese with the open winter market hopes to find a more attractive proposal based on the movements that occur, since due to his status as a free player, he can sign since he rescinded for any club as long as he has free and non-EU places.

Kagawa’s desire has been to continue in Spain, where he has had a strong interest from Logroñés, Castellón and Sabadell, especially the latter, but those windows have already been closed, at least for now. He has had chances in Bundesliga 2 and in Italy, also ruled out, as in Greece, Turkey or Brazil. To other destinations, such as Qatar, Russia or the MLS, he never contemplated leaving since last summer. In fact, he had an offer from a Qatari club for more than two million net a few months ago and turned it down.

The midfielder has used the facilities of the Sports City on specific days to go to train, although Most of his physical work has been done at home, where he has a very complete gym. With the already practically certain idea of ​​staying until January, his intention is to exercise with a club from the Third Aragonese for a few days to win at a competitive pace, although in that option no steps have yet been taken by his closest environment.

Zaragoza left Kagawa without registering before the league debut against Las Palmas despite the fact that the player always kept his idea of ​​staying, for which he would have been willing to lower his salary. In the end, the club and the player reached an agreement to pay for the remaining contract season, some 530,000 euros, in a year and a half, although that amount would be reduced if he signed for a Spanish team in the salary he received there. . Kagawa released the extra-community position occupied by Toro Fernández, who has been underperforming so far, while Raí only played a few minutes against Las Palmas since the beginning of the season.


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