KAI wants to sue the car driver was hit by a KRL, the House of Representatives Commission V Advises Families


PT KAI sued the car driver who was hit by a KRL in the Citayam area. Chairman Commission V DPR Lasarus suggested that the problem be resolved amicably.

“In my opinion, it is better to have a family solution. If you say you are wrong, you may be both wrong. Yes, if the father breaks through, of course there are rules that have been violated, that’s for sure,” said Lasarus to reporters, Friday (22/4/2022).

Lasarus said that it is better to enforce sanctions if there is a violation committed by the car warden, so that it does not need to be brought to court.

“If there are rules that are violated, it is law enforcement, there is no need to be prosecuted either, just enforce the law what the rules are,” he said.

Lasarus said, on the other hand, KAI must also be responsible for the existing rail gates.

“KAI also has responsibility for those doors howwhat will left then, are they able to make sure all the doors are safe. My advice is that it’s better to solve it as a family. But if there is a criminal element there, please please enforce the law,” he said.

Furthermore, Lasarus asked PT KAI to pay attention to illegal rail gates. According to him, it is necessary to cooperate with the local government to coordinate in this regard. Likewise with public order, which he considers necessary to maintain safety in the railroad area.

“The train doors should be closed, it’s not an easy matter, this problem is not as simple as what we see on the outside, KAI has carried out according to its authority but there are parties who open it, then if KAI is stiff, there will be a collision.” crash,” he said.

“But in my opinion, the role of the regional government is needed, how the regional government and KAI synergize is what’s important, then where are the points that must be made, then where the doors are enough to be supervised by opening and closing people guarded, this is a matter of order, actually. there is awareness from all parties, including the community, PT KAI, the local government, only to reach this point,” said Lasarus.

KAI sues driver of car hit by KRL

Watch the video ‘This is the condition of the scene where a car was hit by a KRL in Depok when it was permanently closed’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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