Kamila from “Rolnik” surprised with a new photo. “I don’t like to lie”

The farmer is looking for a wife

Friday, March 24 (5:19 PM)

Kamila Boś was one of the participants in the “Farmer is looking for a wife” program. Today, despite the passage of time, he is still very popular and keeps in touch with his fans. Recently, a recording appeared on her Instagram in which she addressed her followers.

Kamila Bos

Kamila Boś took part in the 8th edition of the program “Farmer Wants a Wife”. A beautiful farmer – called the “queen of mushrooms” by viewers – received a lot of letters! Finally, the attractive blonde invited three men to her farm: Adam, Jan and Tomasz. Although initially there were many indications that Kamila and Adam would create a successful relationship, time has shown that a common future is not for them.

Although Kamila did not find love in the program, she gained quite a lot of recognition. The viewers of “Farmer…” willingly visit her profile on Instagram, and she makes sure not to leave them without information.

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Kamila Boś is one of the active users of the network and willingly addresses Internet users via Instagram relations. Recently, the farmer admitted that she had health problems. On the recording, she presented herself in a natural way – giving up the Internet “extras” in the form of filters.

Kamila from “Farmer Wants a Wife 8” about her appearance

Kamila from the 8th edition of the program: “Farmer is looking for a wife” recorded a short video in which she revealed how she currently feels. By the way, she referred to her current appearance:

“I’m slowly coming back to life. I was supposed to record with a filter, but I don’t like to lie to reality. The nose is a little red, but that’s normal when you’re sick.”

@kamila. boss

Author: Sabina Obajtek

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