‘Kan’ prepares a lawyer to sue ‘Dream’ for sharing a sick post. ‘Tiger’ rushes back immediately.

‘Kan’ prepares a lawyer to sue his son’s boyfriend ‘Dream’ for sharing a sick post of his daughter ‘Kwang’, pointing out that the children are not such words.

Considered as another epic across the year that has it all for the drama issue of ‘Kan Wiphakorn Sukphimai‘Wife of a famous rocker’Sek Seksan Sukphimai‘ or ‘Sek Loso‘ most recently (January 12) has come out to post a picture through a personal Instagram account. which is an Instagram story of ‘Dream Kanyanat‘Son’s Boyfriend’Tiger Setakarn Sukphimai‘ shared posts of ‘Kwang Kornkawee Sukphimai‘ Kan’s daughter, who said that the illness was not embarrassing.

Until Kan’s side had to come out to attach a caption to clarify the issue, saying that the children were not saying this. Ready to call a meeting of lawyers to prepare to sue Dream, stating that

Usually, children do not play Facebook. It’s strange that dreams are broken to share.
1. Dreams are completely shattered. You have to let your children be the ones who post it themselves, but it’s not smooth.
2. Tiger deer doesn’t use words like this and the more he is bipolar or whatever. Sick people don’t want anyone to know and if they do this I will sue E-Dream. that you share a post of a sick person, even if they allow but they are sick You use this rhythm to share. and I’m a sick mother I will definitely sue because the patient doesn’t know what to do.
3. And you travel and proclaim that I’m crazy this is already a violation Advertising defamation. Many of your things. Do it yourself.
4. A plan to put me in jail as a madman what to do Do you think I don’t know?
5. Now, the person who has the right to be in the first place is Sek, the child is only the second, so find a way to join the group as well. My husband just said today that…. shameful plan
6. For our children, we love and hope for the best, but we must love in the right direction. Whoever scolds me will not be mad. Because the child is too demanding of everything, while the parents work very hard and have a lot of problems that need to be solved, they are unable to mourn a lot because it will cost their lives.

** Tomorrow I will call a meeting of lawyers to sue everyone involved in this matter.

*** The way is gone? Dreams are shattered?

After a while, the tiger hastened to comment under the post of Mother Jang.

Number two first Me and Nong confirm that every word in our post is written by ourselves. Why would someone else write for us even though we have our own thoughts and feelings?

Tiger Settkan

The event made netizens flock to comment on the issue, such as

“I haven’t been married yet. Still can’t be right now”, “He’s starting to get weird, Kan. I see that I don’t want to work. I don’t want to be busy. but like trying to spin Don’t try to make things light and confusing”, “I used to think my mom was annoying. But when I see this, I feel like I’m in love with my mother in a pile”, “And then the same thing disappeared for 2 days, then it’s the same thing. Let’s continue to watch. Family entertainment about family 555”, “Fighting, Suea, I’ve been patient. 100 times The 101st time, if you don’t want to endure it, you become a bad person”, etc.

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