“Kan Wiphakorn” proceeds to sue the Tiger’s son in 5 cases, the Kwang daughter in 3 cases, and the “Dream Found” in 4 cases!

Call it an epic family problem. for Kan Wiphakorn famous rocker’s wife magical Loso Now referred to continue to sue his son. tiger Sethkan Deer’s Daughter and Dream Tiger’s girlfriend

latest (13 April 2565) Kan Wiphakorn posted a message saying Mom has warned you. don’t play big with mom thinking of fighting beware of another charge

1. false accusation Bring a closed circuit to prove it in court. The more will hit the whole gang Mother warned me not to see the Gong Chak as a lotus.!! Within this month, another lawsuit will be filed. Special arrangements for good people pure

2. Act. computer Bringing false information into the computer system The gang deceives the public and the media. This is not defamation or defamation. But now the information is like that. If not, show evidence.

If you don’t want to go to jail I came to ask for forgiveness from my parents. Mother will withdraw all lawsuits. Give only the children who come to ask for forgiveness Mother loves and forgives at any time. Only for children Others go far So if you don’t want to go to jail, you’re remorseful. then come in I will withdraw all the cases that my children have messed up. This is mom I still don’t know I think that the mother has to give up. love you so much do not dare to do anything Abacus is very wrong if mom cuts cut it And if mom will do Have you ever seen your mother not do it?

Mom is not a dog like everyone else.55 barking

*** tiger hit 5 charge all criminal

1. subpoena 6/6/22

2. the case2 summons at 2 Sent shot 24/4/22

3. the case 3 summons at 1 to everyone shot 18/4/22

4. the case 4 summons at1 arrive and make an appointment 18/4/22 too

5. the case 5 It’s the same with the case that4 shot 18/4/22

deer 3 case

dream see 4 case

see fort 3 light case

all criminal cases to think carefully because again 2 The case is at stake File a lawsuit in court this month.

sue more

Falsely accusing the whole gang

Act. computer prison 5 year, children mother’s

*** forgot to tell fort 4/6/22 too Defamation by advertising The court has already accepted the lawsuit and means everyone in every case already.

*** when parents cannot teach

*** to be ordained in order to help the monks clean up and run away in spite of There is an auspicious day Phra Ajarn brought a chant to recite so that she could be ordained for her mother to stick to the yellow robes. at Wat Arun Lord have mercy But she ran away when her mother fell asleep.

***Grandma didn’t care. when no one can teach Mother had to ask for mercy to the court for him to train. Stop seeing mistakes and like. I wish you success The court is always fair

*** If the court still can’t train and teach, then go to jail. Then my mother would visit often. See you in court, my dear son. enough fun because every case is serious criminal prison !!

#This is Mae Kan Wiphakorn, who has never done anything like anyone else, but everything is for the family to remember.!

 Kan Wiphakorn

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