Kantemir Balabolov: the director of “Dyldy” and almost the director of “Some of us” wants to return to the cinema

At the beginning of April, the director Kantemir Balagovknown for lesbian drama in the heart and the fact that he almost became the director of the pilot episode “One of Us”, enchantingly announced on social networks that he was ending his career. The emotional outburst of the subtly feeling creator ended with a symbolic gesture – he deleted his accounts. But less than six months later, the nerves calmed down, access to social networks seemed to be restored, and a new coven in the film industry loomed on the horizon.

Producer Alexander Rodnyansky said that Balagov will not only continue to work as a director – he is already hard at work on his next project. According to Rodnyansky, he has already written a “wonderful English-language script,” which the producer oversees in detail. The plans are to move from the script to work on the picture this year. The statement about the end of his career Rodnyansky attributed to the emotions of the young director, caused by working difficulties.

Kantemir Balagov is a graduate of the Kabardino-Balkarian University. In Russia, he made two feature films – “Closeness” and “Dyldu”, after which he left for the United States for political reasons. When the production of the pilot episode of “One of Us” failed, Balagov announced an English-language film about Kabardian immigrants in New Jersey. Perhaps it was the problems with its implementation that forced the director to slam the door loudly, and then change his mind.

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