Kanye West, with the accumulated debt, thanks God for his $ 68 million repayment


Kanye West, with a net worth of $ 240 million, recently made headlines for its Sunday Service, an invitation-only event that began at the beginning of this year in which the rapper turned into a preacher performs with live musical accompaniment.

Apparently, there are great profits in his piety.

Last year, I earned $ 115 million and still lost $ 35 million in debt. This year I looked up and was given $ 68 million back on my tax returns. "

This is West which gives a look at its tangled finances at CBS guest James Corden during a segment of "Airpool Karaoke".

Supported by a plane full of choir singers, West thanked a higher power for his sudden heats this year.

"People say," Oh, don't talk about these numbers, "he said." No, people need to hear that someone who has been indebted by the system talks about these kinds of numbers now that they are in Christ's service. "

Corden then asked if his spiritual awakening was part of his success.

"Absolutely. [Of God] in the show. It is only being demonstrated," said West. "Yeezy worth $ 3 billion … Kanye West works for God."

Here is the entire segment:

And here is one of West's services:



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