Karaoke as a treatment for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's

A new study reveals that singing can improve the quality of life of patients with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

According to an investigation of the University of Iowasinging often is an effective treatment for the sick Alzheimer's is Parkinson.

The results of the study revealed three important improvements in patients after periods of a & # 39; now singing.

Patients have improved your mood, yours motor skills and he reduced them stress.

Elizabeth Stegemöller, project researcher, revealed that patients "They had with the song similar benefits to the intake of some drugs".

"Some of the symptoms, like the snap of the fingers and the gait, do not always respond to the drugs, but with the singing they are improving"He added Stegemöller.

The first group of therapeutic song counted 17 participants.

Patients have also reduced feelings of sadness, anxiety is anger.

Stegemöller and his team realized the first phase of the project from May 2017 and they hope to replicate it with more groups of patients.

The study was presented at Society for Neuroscience 2018 conference.

Second Alzheimer's Associationone adult in three in the world will die with this disease

For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO), reveals that Parkinson's disease attacks around 7 million people in 60 years.

Furthermore, for WHO, the figure will double in 2030.

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With information from the Alzheimer & # 39; s Association, World Health Organization, Eurekalert! and Science Daily.
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