Kardashian resorts to a disgusting mixture to treat his skin


Recently, the American star has been criticized for her skin

With reality TV star Kim Kardashian suffering from her chronic skin "psoriasis", she surprised her followers with the introduction of Instagram, offering a provocative new twist to "eliminate" it.

Thirty-two year old Cardchian has been open on his suffering with psoriasis, but has resorted to an "outrageous mix" in which he tried to overcome the disease, according to what the Daily Mail reported.

"I am very desperate for psoriasis, so I came on Chinese grass," Cardshian said, then showed a diet that seemed to contain a dark liquid.

He continued: "I got a special mix … I will try to eliminate this disease" while not revealing the components of the mixture.

She said she was asked to drink this liquid twice a day, adding that "its taste is bitter and very acid".

"I hope this mix is ​​a good result", he concluded, "we'll see him after six weeks".

Recently, the American star has been criticized for her skin, which reflects some impurities, making her emerge from her silence and revealing that she suffers from psoriasis.



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