Karely Ruiz reveals how she charges and monetizes on OnlyFans

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Mexico City / 25.07.2022 09:09:00

Karely Ruizstar of OnlyFanscontinues to reap success and fame. However, when it comes to money, the famous one is one of the best paid, since she earns many Mexican pesos per month for her subscribers, but how does the payment work? Why does Karely Ruiz make a lot of money on OnlyFans?

It was on the show At Saga by Adela Micha, where Karely Ruiz explained how OnlyFans works and how it can be monetized. He said that everything consists of uploading photos and that people pay a monthly subscription to see these postcards.

She assured that she charges 16 dollars for a month of subscription per person, that is, more than 320 pesos. Although other models charge almost double, because content creators can set the price:

“I already have two years in OnlyFans. It’s like Instagram, you upload photos and people pay a subscription per month. I charge 16 dollars, although the most expensive that is charged is 32 or 35 dollars. I charged 30, but many people do think about whether or not to pay 30 dollars. Right now I charge less, but I have more people, “she said.

Likewise, Karely Ruiz mentioned that on the platform “there is everything”. Although there is adult content that is also the most common:

“OnlyFans, more than anything, is to upload explicit content, but there is other content,” he added.


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