Karina, La Princesita, stood firm after the gift her daughter Sol asked for

Karina the little princess he is always very friendly with his daughter Sol Cwirkaluk, with whom he shares his taste and passion for music. Nevertheless, The singer located the teenager after seeing the gift she asked for in networks and shared her indignation.

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The daughter of the artist and El Polaco revealed that the date on which she turns fifteen is approaching. For that reason, the teenager revealed what she would like to be given at that special moment.

If someone wants to give me the ticket to Lolla for my XV, I won’t get mad, thanks”, expressed Sol on his Twitter account to link an invitation for next year’s edition.

Karina La Princesita “challenged” Sol for hosing a ticket for a music festival. Source: Twitter.

However, Karina put a stop to Sol’s request and challenged her in the comments. “Make it two because if it’s not with me you’re not going anywhere”, he remarked sharply in his account.


Karina La Princesita showed, a few weeks ago, that her daughter Sol debuted as a model. The artist revealed that she accompanied her throughout the process and shared a photo of the teenager after the photo session.

“Today I was a costume designer and assistant to this goddess, Solcito Cwirkaluk (all day) I don’t give a damn,” Karina said with a photo from the car, very tired from spending all day looking at Sol.

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The artist was funny with her daughter and made a mischievous confession. “That’s how the model looked. She now she will understand when I tell her that I end up really tired, ”said the singer, with humor.

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