Karjala Cup 2018: Sweden - Russia, live streaming 10 November 2018

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Specified in transmission time – Moscow

18:00. Well, this is where our transmission is over. Tomorrow we are waiting for the victory over the Finns and the excellent completion of the Karjala Cup. Watch the "championship" hockey!

17:50. Another expert in the "championship" Leonid Weisfeld praises Andrey Loktionov.

"Andrei Loktionov plays in such a way that the coaches can have a headache, it sounds good, closer to the World Cup coaches will have to make a difficult choice, unless, of course, Andrew continues to show this type of hockey. Kaprizova and Grigorenko needed a player like that – to ensure, in defense they helped, I think Loktionov played effectively, "Weisfeld said in a championship interview.

"Everything we asked the boys." Vorobiev – on the victory of Russia

The coach of the Russian team is satisfied with the game of his team in a match with the Swedes.

17:30. Alexander Kozhevnikov, an expert in the championship, was satisfied with the game of our team.

"It was a normal impression from the game with Sweden Won, well done, well played, when the Swedes were still resisting, there were not many moments, Shesterkin seemed confident. they were very aggressive, they had a team when they brought their championship together, and not KHL people who did not want to die.
Telegin – a hard worker, looked good today. He shot at Kuzmenko, he has talent, but so far there is not enough stability, "said Kozhevnikov.

17:17. We suggest you vote for the best Sweden-Russia player.

17:12. Ilya Vorobyov was satisfied after the game.

"All the guys are great, they've completed the game, everything we asked, they did, did not you always have more?" The Swedes also have good players playing in the minority. if it were not for the violation of the size and the missed goal, this match could be called perfect, but this is a game, everything happens very quickly, "said the trainer of the Russian team.

16:50. And here are the official statistics. Equal rolls, but the final score is much more pleasant.

16:35. Tomorrow the Russian team is waiting for the Karjala Cup final with the Czech team. Today the Czechs will play with the Finns, this game will start at 18:30.

16:20. 4: 1 – this is the final result. In the end, Andrei Loktionov was struck by the empty doors of the Swedes. With a victory!

16:00. Goal! Double Kuzmenko when you play a majority! 3: 1 in favor of the Russian national team.

15:50 Jacob Lilja mainly played a record. 2: 1 in favor of Russia.

15:40 The third period began. In the meantime, statistics for the second appeared.

15:30 In the break, as usual, the mass of entertainment for the fans.

15:20. Goal! Evgenij Ketov in the minority ran one on one with Hellberg and effectively beat the goalkeeper! After the second period we win – 2: 0.

15:05 Goal! Kuzmenko scored the first goal of the national team after a magnificent pass by Barabanov!

14:50. He started the second period. But the statistics for the first one, read.

14:45 During the break, various activities are organized for the fans.

2:30 pm 0: 0 on the board after the first period. The teams play pretty well.

14:15 Half of the period is over, the score in our game is not open.

2:00 PM The match in Helsinki has begun!

13:40. And this is the current appearance of the Tre Kronor. All seven representatives of the KHL have entered the application, but Lars Johansson will start the game off the bench.

Hellberg (Johansson);
Loew – Holm, Larsson – Johansson – Newgard;
Persson – Bertilsson, Davidsson – Lander – Norman;
Bengtsson – Wykstrand, Sorensen – Rasmussen – Vedin;
Brodin – Josephson – Lilja.

13:30. Right now at the "Hartwall Arena" is coming out with the participation of teams from Russia and Sweden.

13:15. Do you think our boys can handle the Swedes?

13:00. Olympic champion Alexander Pashkov is not particularly worried about the Russian national team, but notes that Sweden has a stronger team than Finland.

"I think the Swedes are stronger than the Finns, they have a stronger individual composition than Suomi, and recruiting the players, I repeat, the Scandinavians are more powerful … I think the Russians will have an advantage in the game with Sweden, they will race on the emotions after the Victory: The physical condition of the Russians is good, showed the first game, much depends on how the team considers the victory over the Finns, they will approach in a self-critical way at the first meeting and will not be seduced by such a report. things like that, then Ilya Vorobyov's team will be fine with the Swedes ", Pashkov is sure.

0:45. Compared composition team Russia! Denis Barantsev, Anatoly Golyshev and Ilya Mikheev are absent from Ilya Vorobyov's team

Goalkeepers: Shesterkin (Sorokin);
Nesterov (A) – Blazhievsky, Capricci – Loktionov (A) – Grigorenko;
Hafizullin – Vasilevsky, Kuzmenko – Byvaltsev – Drum;
Antipin – Elesin, Slepyshev – Shalunov – Dergachev;
Pedan – Dente, Telegin – Kadeikin – Ketov (K), Zernov

12:30. We welcome all hockey fans! We are pleased to offer you the online transmission of the second match of the Russian national hockey team at the Euro Tour. In the Helsinki Karjala Cup team Ilya Vorobyov will meet Sweden. The departure is scheduled for 14:00, Moscow time, but we start our transmission in advance to let you know various interesting facts.

In vain feared for the national team. Russia did not notice the Finns

Ilya Vorobyov's team is fine.

In the first game, the Russians defeated the home side of the tournament with confidence – 3-0. Our team was fantastic and the goalkeeper Ilya Sorokin played at zero. The opponent occasionally intercepted the initiative, but no more. Ilya Vorobyov's quarters played well, controlled the course of the match and deservedly won. In turn, the Swedes were stronger than the Czech Republic in the past game in Prague – 3: 2.

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