Kast discussed free trade agreements with the Republican senator and clarified “cartoons” about him

Little more than 48 hours lasted lightning tour of the United States of the standard-bearer of the Christian Social Front, Jose Antonio Kast, which he carried out just a few weeks before the second presidential round.

Through a video, with the famous Washington monument in the background, the Republican recounted what he summarized as a “very productive and profitable” tour, noting that last Tuesday “we had meetings with financiers, relevant people in the world. of technology and also with relevant politicians such as Marco Rubio“.

Regarding this meeting with the Republican senator of Cuban origin, Kast explained that they spoke “of the free trade agreements and double taxation, which are fundamental for Chile if it wants to grow ”, adding that“ if we want to advance the most humble people, the most vulnerable people, we have to open ourselves to the world; That’s key: We have to show them that we are a stable country that has regained tranquility and that we have a parliamentary balance ”.

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He also confirmed that this Wednesday “I was able to be in a very relevant meeting with The Inter-American Dialogue, which brings together different organizations from all over Latin America to ensure freedom and democracy “, indicating that” we were able to tell them that there are many cartoons that the radical left has raised and that some press media repeat, but we, talking to them, we were able to clarify each of these things ”.

He added that he met with “the person in charge of the American Council, Susan Sigal |, for everything they are investment issues, which for us is relevant: We have to show that we are a country with a future and that is what we have been doing ”, to ensure that, finally,“ we will see each other in Chile tomorrow ”.


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