Kate Langbroek is scared of the ghostly appearance in the Instagram photo


It seems that Kate Langbroek needed to call an exorcist when she made the big move in Italy.

The Hit Network radio host moved to Italy with her family in January, and will soon move to an apartment in an 800-year-old building in the city of Bologna.

But judging from a very creepy selfie from Langbroek published yesterday, his family could share the historic home with some ghostly visitors.

Langbroek had taken the friend Tash Prendergast on a tour of the apartment, the couple posing for a selfie in front of a mirror that Langbroek believed dated back to the 1700s.

"So much age. I told Tash" I always think that if I turn around very quickly, I can see the past in this mirror … "," Langbroek told his followers on Instagram.

"So we were laughing and we decided to take a selfie to see if something should appear. Look over my head. WTF is that ?? Also, I hope that white appearance is a ghost that at least gets into the kidneys so that we can finally move. "

Sure enough, over the head of Langbroek is the one that looks like a white hooded figure, with two black eye marks:

The Langbroek post was flooded with comments, including several horrified friends: "Holy s ** t. Is this true?" Gogglebox star Yvie Jones. "Stop that!" TV presenter Sally Obermeder wrote.

"Play jokes?" Asked the Langbroek radio host, Dave Hughes (she replied that no, it wasn't).

Others have also indicated what appears to be a smaller figure in black next to the white figure. Others said that the figure closest to the window "looks like a nun with rosary beads around her neck".

The disturbing photo had other followers who encouraged Langbroek to "DOWNLOAD!" Or "Burn everything and don't look back".

One commentator suggested that Langbroek had actually captured a whole group of ghosts in his photo.

"Oh Kate. It's much more than an entity in this picture! There are some, though not as obvious as the main one. Make the picture explode on your laptop and play with the contrast and colors, etc. To see the full scope, there is at least 4. You are extremely lucky to have this experience! "

Lucky's only word for this …

Langbroek opened his decision to move his family to Italy during an appearance on The Project in January.

"I can't tell you why, because I have NFI (no idea of ​​the king), but at the time it seemed like a good idea to take our four children and go live in Italy for a year," she said.

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