Kate Middleton News: Will Kate and William have a FOUR royal baby? The odds are diminished


Prince William's brother, Prince Harry, and his wife Meghan Markle are waiting for their first child. So, with the fever of the real child spreading, everyone wonders if Kate and William could try for another. And according to the bookmakers, people bet on another little royal.

The couple gave no indication in one way or another about the possibility of another child.

Some expect the Duchess of Cambridge, 36, to hesitate to get pregnant again.

She suffered from pregnancy hyperemesis with all her pregnancies – a serious form of morning sickness potentially life-threatening.

The children of Cambridge – George, five, Charlotte, three and Louis, five months, all presented the disease to the mother, even though they were born in perfect health.

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But some know that there is a good chance of other little royals.

Princess Diana's official royal butler, Paul Burrell, believes that Prince William, 36, and Kate, will have a fourth child.

He said: "I bet William will have four.

"Both William and Harry wanted more brothers and sisters when they were young, but it was not like that."

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Reportedly, one of the Duke's friends told the writer Richard Kay: "He would like to emulate his grandmother and have four children and would be very happy if he were another girl.

"Having Charlotte had a positive effect on George who was a bit of a theatrical in the early days, so he knows the benefit a second daughter could bring."

The bookmaker Coral cut the odds that the Duke and Duchess had a fourth son for 2-1 (from 4-1).

Harry's Aitkenhead from Coral said: "There is a real buzz around the royal family at that moment behind Harry and Meghan who announce that they are waiting for their first baby and also the marriage of Princess Eugenia.

"We are now seeing bets on Prince William and Kate for a fourth child and our odds show that we are not really excluding the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who are adding to their family."

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Queen Elizabeth II has four children, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Anne, the royal princess.

After the son of Meghan and Harry, if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a quarter, he will be the ninth great granddaughter of the queen.

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex expect in the spring.

Coral makes Victoria the favorite of the 8-1 as the name of Harry and the child of Meghan, ahead of Diana, Albert and Philip who are all close to 10-1.


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