Katty Kowaleczko Announces Her Retirement From Television: “Acting Isn’t The Only Thing In My Life” | TV and Show

A few months ago the actress Katty Kowaleczko finished filming in the soap opera Hidden Truths, in which she played Grace de Miller. The character recently left the soap opera and the actress plans her future.

In conversation with The latest news, the 56-year-old artist indicated that readies his retirement from television for four more years, when he has turned 60. His motive is to dedicate himself to other activities, beyond the theater.

“I believe that every human being at some minute he has to take advantage of his last years of life when he is still well, conscious and healthy to enjoy life without the responsibilities of young children or old parents. Dedicate oneself at the end of life, ”he explained.

In this sense, Kowaleczko indicated that he wants to pursue other hobbies and get away from acting, a job he has done for more than 30 years.

“I don’t get tired of (the theater), I have a good time but acting is not the only thing in my life, I like a lot of things and I always lack time. I’ve been working as an actress for 33 years. It’s fed up. My priority is to be with the people I love and to be happy in a cozy, beautiful place with the space for each one to do their hobbies, something that is not encouraged in Chile ”, he indicated.

Katty Kowaleczko

One of her plans is to invest and move to the south in the company of her husband, a plan with which her two children agree.

“At 60 I want to retire and change my way of life (…) We want to go south to a place that has water, rain, land to be able to work it or else, spend the savings on traveling. The idea is to reward yourself because you remove the dirt from the moment you enter the kindergarten (kindergarten), then educate yourself, become professional, have a family, take care of the children, protect them, raise them and then comes the stage in which I and my husband are, which is taking care of our parents ”, he pointed out.

“One never ends, so I think it is an act of affection towards oneself to try to organize, hopefully with a long time, the retirement period so that it is a joy and not something depressing, like so many cases we have known,” he added.

It should be noted that Kowaleczko spent just over a year participating in Hidden Truths, a television series that will have its time jump from Tuesday.


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