Entertainment Katy Perry received help from Sia for depression after...

Katy Perry received help from Sia for depression after success failed to materialize | NOW

Katy Perry started to suffer from depression after her album was released in 2017 Witness couldn’t match the success of previous records. Colleague Sia says in The Los Angeles Times that she talked a lot about this with the American singer at the time.

Perry, released her new album later this month Smile recently talked about the depression she faced. Her complaints were caused by, among other things, the fact that her music was no longer as well received as before.

She asked the Australian singer Sia for help. Sia makes no secret that she also had problems with her mental health as a result of her work in the entertainment industry.

“She really had a breakdown,” says Sia. “She’s on stage with ten lollipops, clowns and dancers to sell a dream and deliver a message of happiness, but that’s very difficult if you don’t feel that way yourself. I already knew that Katy is driven and ambitious, but I hadn’t realized that she was so dependent on confirmation from others for her frame of mind. “

Sia says that Perry said she felt lost at the time, but the Australian thinks that it is the best thing that could happen to her colleague afterwards. “It was a blow to her ego, but now she can make music for fun. Number 1 hits don’t make you feel that way after all.”



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