Kaufland withdraws seven types of wafers from stores. They can affect the health of those allergic to peanuts

The German retail network Kaufland, the leader on the Romanian food trade market, withdraws from the market seven types of wafers that may have a higher peanut content than the one on the label, which can affect the health of consumers allergic to peanuts, he announced. Saturday, company.

The withdrawn products are:

  • K-Classic wafers with cocoa cream (70%) 175g,
  • K-Classic wafers filled with cocoa-flavored cream (75%) 500g,
  • K-Classic wafers with coconut cream (70%) 175g,
  • K-Classic wafers with hazelnut cream (70%) 175g,
  • K-Classic wafers with whipped cream (70%) 175g,
  • Sweet wafers with cream with cocoa filling (72%) 360g and
  • Sweet wafers filled with hazelnut-flavored cream (72%) 360g.

“There is a possibility that they have a higher peanut content than the traces, as it is written on the label. Only in the case of people allergic to peanuts, consumption of one of the products on the list can cause an allergic reaction,” said Kaufland. in a statement.

The retailer asks people allergic to peanuts not to consume any of the items mentioned.

“Consumers who are not allergic to peanuts can safely consume these products. Kaufland withdraws the items mentioned on its own initiative. Other products are not subject to this withdrawal,” the company said.

Customers allergic to peanuts who have bought such products, but have not consumed them, can go to any Kaufland store to return the products mentioned and will receive the value of the sale price. Customers will not be required to present the receipt, according to Kaufland.

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