Kėdainiai club did not survive in the avalanche of points and mistakes of Ž.Skučas

Basketball players of Pasvalys’ Milk Stars (2/8) led by Mantas Šernius in the Lithuanian Basketball League (Betsafe-LKL) 79:73 (21:21, 24:15, 20:18, 14:19) defeated Kėdainiai “Nevėžis-Optibet” (2/7) team.

Equality prevailed in the first quarter of the match: the teams exchanged successful episodes in the attack, but neither did they gain a tangible advantage (21:21). The smooth fight continued until the end of the second quarter, when Žygimantas Skučas Paulius Petrilevičius added 5 points in a row and the guests left Pasvalys with a 9-point advantage (45:36).

In the first part of the match, the Milk Stars looked much better in the fight for the bounced balls, but they made more mistakes. Also, Pasvalys scored as many as 22 points from the penalty area, while Nevėžis-Optibet basketball players scored just 12.

After the big break, the team of Pasvalys immediately organized a fruitful attack, which for the first time in today’s match allowed to gain a double-digit advantage (47:36). Here, the trouble of Kėdainiai did not end: when the hosts of the court unsuccessfully tried to attack the opponents ‘basket, M. Šernius’ students ran 9: 0 and increased their advantage to 20 points (56:36). The Pasvalys could not maintain a solid advantage, as the organizer of the Nevėžis-Optibet attacks Vytenis Čižauskas took the initiative and reduced the backlog of his team to 11 points thanks to his individual mastery (54:65).

In the decisive quarter of the match, Kėdainiai basketball players revived the intrigue: after a quiet Rihards Kuksikas three-point team, they awarded only 6 points (64:70). Amar Sylla had a good opportunity to reduce the scoreline for fc. In addition, on the other side of the field, the Milk Stars successfully staged a ground-to-air attack, laying a solid foundation for the second victory of the season (74:66). During the rest of the match, Nevėžiui-Optibet failed to create a miracle and the guests from Pasvalys celebrated the victory with the result 79:73.

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An exclusive performance was organized by Ž.Skučas – in 36 minutes he scored 23 points (8/12 two-pointers, 2/3 three-pointers, 1/3 free throws), rebounded 8 and took over the ball, made 3 assists, received 2 blocks, even made 9 mistakes , provoked 7 fouls, violated the rules 2 times and scored 22 utility points.

“Milk stars”: Žygimantas Skučas 23 (8th rec., 9 errors), Markellas Johnson 17 (6th rec., 6 res., 3/3 three-point), Paulius Petrilevičius (5/6 two-point), Simas Jarumbauskas (9 rec. and Arnas Beručka after 11.

Nevėžis-Optibet: Vytenis Čižauskas 20 (7/17 throws), Rihardas Kuksikas 13 (5 rebounds, 3/7 three-pointers), Danielius Lavrinovičius 8, Abramo Canka (5 rebounds, 0/4 three-pointers) and Paulius Murauskas 7 each.

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