Kee posted that Hem has been gone for 2 years. Line went to see him knowing that no one answered.

Mourning ‘Kee Thanyachon’ posted a deep remembrance of a young friend ‘Hem Phumiphathit’ after 2 years, revealing that he contacted the line even though he knew no one answered.

Kee Post A Lai Hem – Another news that can bring tears to many people for news of actress ‘Kee Thanachon Satirabutr’ after posting a remembrance of a young friend ‘Hem Phumiphathi’. Tor Nittayarot, who passed away from depression in 2019.

The news has come out to post a picture with the young actor. Along with attaching a caption to express condolences to a young friend via private Instagram, revealing that he sent a message to him even though he knew no one answered, stating that

“It doesn’t feel real when I think about the fact that you’re no longer with us. So much has happened since you’ve been gone…so much I want to share with you. I hope you know that I think about you a lot…and about if there was more I could of done. I miss you.

It’s unbelievable that it’s been 2 years now…Ki always goes to Hem’s IG…talks to him on LINE…even though he knows no one will greet him back…but Ki misses Hem and can’t stop himself… Kee wants Hemru that he won’t forget. Hem… I love you, my friend.”

Fans and friends in the industry came to comment and pay tribute to the young actor.

Kee posted that Hem passed away for 2 years. Line went to see him knowing that no one answered | News by Thaiger

Image: Instagram @charleeboots

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