Keeping up with Turkey – Rebelion

The proposals of the Iranian president’s special envoy in Karabakh, who visited four capitals – Baku, Moscow, Yerevan and Ankara – provoked an ambiguous reaction in Armenia. On the one hand, the proposals showed an inclination towards the Azerbaijani position, taking into account the formulations of “territorial integrity”, “unemployment”, on the other, no one in Yerevan would like to spoil relations with such an important and friendly neighbor.

So what about the Iranian settlement project? However, it does not take long to search for a real motivation for Iranian diplomacy. According to the director of the Department of Iranian Studies at Yerevan State University, Vardan Voskanyan, it is no secret that Turkey and Azerbaijan are actively trying to violate the format of the OSCE Minsk Group on conflict resolution. Turkey’s effort to “win” seats at the negotiating table is an attempt to change the format.

“In this context, Iran, as one of Turkey’s main regional players and competitors, as well as a border country with Karabakh, simply cannot stay away from the proceedings. It is here that the roots of Iranian proposals to resolve the conflict must be sought. Tehran also wants to participate in the negotiations, ”Voskanyan said in an interview with Sputnik Armenia.

He is almost certain that Turkey remains the main recipient of Iranian activity. There is one more important circumstance to pay attention to in Armenia. Although Tehran’s proposals refer to the fundamental program for the establishment of peace, the main task is to establish an armistice, which also comes from the interests of Armenia. Iran, like Armenia, is interested in getting the transferred terrorists out of Syria. Voskanyan also sees “pro-Armenian” elements in the statements of Iranian diplomats on the preservation of the principle of territorial integrity in the region.

“We must not forget the long-term goals of Turkey and Azerbaijan: to traverse a corridor through the Armenian Meghri and establish a land connection between Azerbaijan and its autonomy from Nakhichevan. In any case, that rhetoric is present. And it is clear that this is a direct threat to the territorial integrity of Armenia. And when Tehran is talking about this principle, it also means that they are strongly opposed to any attempt by Ankara and Baku to change the map of the region, “said Voskanyan.

He believes that different points in sentences can be interpreted in different ways. In this context, the Armenian side should focus on those points that are beneficial to it.

Meanwhile, according to the political scientist, director of the Armenian Center for American Studies Suren Sargsyan, the United States is unlikely to allow Iran’s interference in the Karabakh settlement process.

“Washington will not accept any of Tehran’s proposals that are not coordinated with it. These countries are in stiff competition and competition with each other. And this competition extends to the Karabakh settlement, ”Sargsyan told our publication.

At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that there was no public reaction on the part of the United States to Iranian diplomatic activity.


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