Kelvin Renteria slept with Manelyk?


Kelvin Noe Rentería

Kelvin Renteria this Wednesday he became the protagonist of the last episode of the reality show “The House of the Famous”, and did it twice.

The former EXATLON contestant The United States, managed to overcome the challenge of finding a chip to stay with the leadership of the house, with which the privilege was earned of spending the whole week in the suite of the place, and then he left more than one with their mouths open, because he decided to invite Manelyk González to join him in that luxurious place.

And the reality is that the followers of the reality show thought that the athlete had no interest in the beautiful influencer, who since he arrived home has not wasted time to “hint at love” to the Mexican and even openly told him that he loves it and that he wants him to they will give free rein to their passions.

At the insistence of Manelyk, Kelvin had told her that she could not accept his offers, because outside the show she had someone waiting for her, without revealing any garment about who she was referring to, because after knowing that Kelvn separated from his wife, after EXATLON, it was thought that Cupid still hadn’t hit him on anyone.

For this reason, Renteria’s invitation to the influencer took the majority off base, making viewers who bet for something to arise between the couple to get excited and now they are very attentive to see what will happen inside that suite, and to know how far the pair of contestants will arrive, if Manelyk insists on wanting to have something with the young man.

The House of the Famous: Does Manelyk love Kelvin Renteria? | todayDay | TelemundoToday’s official videoDay. Actress Manelyk assured that she is delighted with the romanticism and simplicity of Kelvin Renteria in the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos”. He assured that she has been used to living with “pure louts.” Download our App: YouTube: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: instagram .com / hoydia / SUBSCRIBE:…2021-09-29T16:01:59Z

The Instagram account of the television show described the event as a surprise act that will undoubtedly spice up the show and the relationship between Kelvin and the influencer.

“Kelvin won 👑 and also invited @manelyk_oficial to the leader suite! 😲 ”, they said on the social network. “How do you think this affects the different strategies? 🤔 #LaCasaDeLosFamosos #LiderDeLaSemanaLCDLF ”.

The big question that many ask is if something happened between them, since the two competitors slept together in bed, but pillows were seen in the middle of the two, perhaps to keep the distance.

Anyway, the novelty has given much to talk about in the “House of the famous” and the situation was transferred to the networks, where many applauded the insistence and perseverance of Manelyk, who came to the show to replace Kimberly Flores, after resigning.

Kelvin Noe Renteria does not want Manelyk Gonzalez to Break 💔 his heart 🔥🔥#kelvin #manelyk #telemundo Credits for Telemundo2021-10-08T03:07:25Z

The predictions of the majority is that there will be fire between Kelvin and Manelyk in the next episodes, and many did not hide their excitement.

“Wepaaa the fire was built 🔥 😱🤣”, “I screamed with excitement when he took mane😂😂😂 … At last hope of action in the house”, “Yeeeee👏🙌, and I loved that he invited Manelyk to the suite” Some fans of the show commented on the show’s Instagram.

“JUST WHAT I EXPECTED YOU TO CHOOSE MANELY…. THE ONE THAT PERSEVERES REACHES AND HE DOESN’T KNOW IT BUT FELL IN LOVE…. TODAY ALL DAY I SING LIKE A BIRD IN LOVE ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ”, said another follower of the program, who stressed that Cupid has already shot Kelvin. “Eaaaleeee! 😏 hopefully they always put the camera in the suite, just like they did with the crazy gg harassing Pablo ”, said another fan.


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