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Pro B (3rd day, game late). Quimper – Evreux, this Saturday (7 p.m.) behind closed doors

Remember beautiful things. Not the Leaders Cup Pro B final lost 68-57 against Fos, but the path that allowed Kemper’s Rams to get there. From these well-crafted successes against Nantes (74-68) in the quarter-finals then Paris Basketball (89-80) in the semi-finals.

Junior Etou on the side

Three weeks after this adventure ended in a fishtail near the port of Marseille, where are the players of Laurent Foirest?

“We’ll see when the match against Evreux, but the guys worked well in training. The team is starting to have a more or less homogeneous level of form ”.

Only downside, the absence for the two December games of Junior Etou, victim of a large dislocation to a finger and absent for three weeks. “I do not panic for the absence of a player. It’s a seasonal hazard, but without it, we still lose physical density, ”notes his coach. In physical density and in statistical terms because the 4-3 Congolese post finished the Leaders Cup as the best scorer (11.5 points per game) and best rebounder (6.3 catches) of the Rams.

Barrueta’s return

On the Ebroic side, the season had not started very well with three defeats in four Leaders Cup games and two losses in the league. But since their last official meeting on November 4 (victory in the Leaders Cup 110-105 against Paris), the players of Neno Asceric have increased their preparation matches (five) and reassured themselves with four victories.

They can also count on the Cuban trigger Yunio Barrueta who replaced Bashir Ahmed, while the first medical freelance writer Blaz Mesicek never came despite a signed contract.

On May 7, 2019, during an evening of distress for the Ujap against Nancy, Yunio Barrueta had single-handedly destroyed a completely permeable Quimper defense by achieving a new record of three-point baskets scored in an LNB match: 13 out of 22 attempted. He finished at 41 points and Nancy had won 110 to 72. Almost the last defeat of Quimper in his hall in the league (1).

(1) Quimper then lost on May 18, 2019 at home against Poitiers (71-76), but not once in the league since that date.

The teams

QUIMPER. Leaders: 5. Charly Pontens (1.90 m), 6. Ovidijus Varanauskas (1.88 m, LIT). Full-backs: 1. Paul-Lou Duwiquet (1.93 m), 3. Ewan Le Carour (1.92 m), 8. Bathiste Tchouaffé (1.97 m), 9. Johan Randriamananjara (1.98 m) , 12. David Jackson (1.95m, EU). Interiors: 7. Ryan Reid (2.02 m, JAM), 10. Adrien Sclear (2.04 m), 14. Jules Rambaut (2.02 m), 35. Jimmy Djimrabaye (2.02 m, CEN-FRA ). Coach: Laurent Foirest.

EVREUX. Leaders: 10. Emmanuel Tchikaya (1.87m), 13. Pedro Barral (1.87m, ARG), 25. Anthony Andremont (1.89m). Rear-wingers: 2. Jhornan Zamora (1.96 m, ESP-VEN), 4. Ousmane Doumbia (2.01 m), 5. Dimitri Radnic (1.93 m), 23. Yunio Barrueta (1.98 m , CUB), 77. Jean-Philippe Dally (1.99 m). Interiors: 1. Antoine Wallez (2.05 m), 14. Fabien Paschal (2.08 m), 21. Amadou Sidibé (2.03 m, EU-CIV), 88. Quentin Klingelschmitt (2.08 m). Coach: Neno Asceric.

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