Ken Block introduced his new working tool, it looks like an old Porsche

It wouldn’t be American racer Ken Block if he didn’t have a really special car for his job. And because this year’s Pikes Peak race in Colorado, USA, is really special in itself – it takes place – it’s an interesting machine all the more desirable.

So welcome to the Hoonipigasus – a car with a crazy name, an even crazier performance of 1418 horses and a look that is strikingly reminiscent of something from the history of a certain German carmaker. After all, the name consists of the words “Hoonigan,” “pig,” and “Pegasus,” the mythical winged horse. And the middle part will remind Porsche fans a lot.


Photo: Hoonigan

First, the Hoonipigas body used to be a Porsche 912 (then designated for the cheaper base version of the 911 with a four-cylinder engine) from 1966, not a replica or laminate construction. Of course, it underwent incredible modifications for the race, leaving only an outer shell, and only partially – so it would not be enough to talk about a “modified Porsche”.

And secondly, and perhaps more so, pink paint is a reference to the racing Porsche 917/20 “Pink Pig”. The carmaker built this together with SERA for the 1971 season so that the car would combine the advantages of the other 917’s short and long bodies.

Porsche 917/20 Pink Pig

Photo: Porsche

But back to Hoonipigas. BBi Autosport worked on it and delivered one of the biggest technical attractions – suspension with adjustable ground clearance, which the driver does not adjust from the cab, but the system is automatic and is adjusted according to GPS according to telemetry data taken last year.

There are, of course, many more adjustments. All four wheels are powered by a four-liter flat six-cylinder, which thanks to two turbochargers gives the already mentioned power of 1418 horsepower. Weighing 1,000 kg, it’s a really huge portion of power, the car will ride in the top open Pikes Peak Open class.

“Hoonipigasus is a dream come true from the point of view of car construction. It can’t be crazier in terms of technology, strength, aerodynamics or appearance. (…) We have built the most shameless 911 in the world, “says Betim Berisha, founder of BBi Autosport.

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