Kendari City Endemic Dangue Dengue Fever after Niak Case in October 2021, 3 Died

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – City Kendari categorized as endemic Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, due to dengue cases that continue to occur in Kendari City.

Especially in Baruga District, which is in the position of the highest DHF case in the city Kendari from January to October 2021.

Head public health Office Kendari City, drg Rahminingrum said as a preventive measure, his party did not stop providing social education understanding to be aware of the dangers of DHF.

He explained that if someone was infected with DHF in one location and then in that area there were many mosquito larvae, then the risk of the DHF transmission process would be higher in that area.

Moreover, said drg Rahminingrum, it is supported by the rainy season, which helps mosquitoes breed faster.

Editor: Radifan Setiawan
Reporter: Dea Mita
Videographer: fajri digit sholikhawan
Video Production: Aditya Wisnu Wardana



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